Dental Practice Partnerships

Our shareholder-partnership practice model offers the rewards of practice leadership and profit sharing without the headaches of overhead and expense management.

If you own a dental practice and are ready to focus more on clinical dentistry and your patients, Tralongo may be the partner that you’re seeking. Our network of practices and management services offer unique advantages:

  • Consistent and reliable support services for you and your team for payables/payroll processing, human resource management, and centralized dental insurance administration
  • Economies of scale through multipractice pricing for consumable supplies, laboratory services, and equipment purchases
  • Continuing education and ongoing training opportunities for you and your team
  • Employee job security and paths for future career growth
  • Marketing resources and support for practice promotion

We Begin with a Conversation

Most of our owners chose to partner with us because of our professional support services and opportunities to learn and grow together as a team. We invite you to contact us to explore the benefits of shareholder-partnership with Tralongo LLC.