Tralongo Signs Expansion Agreement with Florida Dentist


National dental practice acquisition firm partners with Dr. Yagi Patel to help expand dental practices across Florida

SUNRISE, Fla. (February 27, 2017)Tralongo, LLC, a Florida-based firm specializing in dental practice acquisitions, signed an official partnership with Dr. Yagi Patel, DDS. The agreement will assist Patel in creating and growing a network of dental practices across Florida.

“Dr. Patel is a wonderful addition to our constantly growing family of alliance partners,” said Dr. Ken Tralongo, Tralongo’s founder and CEO. “Our mission is to help dentists take their knowledge of dentistry and apply it to their entrepreneurial objectives. With our support of the acquisition process, Dr. Patel will be well on her way to expanding her network of dental offices and patient care across the Florida area.”

After Patel received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Bristol, she moved to Florida from England. She was licensed by the U.S. and Florida boards, receiving an equivalent to a DDS in 1988. Prior to opening her practice in the affluent West Palm Beach area in 2012, Patel had owned a practice in Orlando and Boca Raton, where she serviced a large number of patients she had acquired over the span of 17 years.

On top of her expansion plans, Patel will soon be welcoming her daughter to the practice, once she graduates dental school. Patel will pass Atlantis Dental Care on to her daughter as she obtains more locations. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she would like to bring her attentive and comforting approach to more patients in Florida, especially those who may be scared to visit a dentist.

As a Tralongo partner, Patel hopes to expand her network with 10 acquisitions in the next 10 years in order to reach more patients in the Sunshine State.

“Growing to multiple locations has been a longtime dream of mine and I know that this will allow me step out of the dental chair, while still continuing to be part of the business of dentistry,” Patel said. “With my daughter coming out of dental school, I can provide her with a practice, the support she needs and I get to be a part of what I love.”

The firm partners with entrepreneurial dentists, like Patel, who are looking to grow their businesses by acquiring and operating multiple practices—taking professionals out of the chair and into management and ownership.

Tralongo is comprised of a team of dental, marketing, financial and business professionals and operates via a five-step process that:

  • Trains partners
  • Helps them find the right dental practices to acquire
  • Assists in obtaining the appropriate financing,
  • Works with them during the transition from old to new ownership
  • Helps maintain operational support throughout to maximize profits

About Tralongo, LLC
Headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, Tralongo, LLC is a firm that partners with dentists throughout the United States to help them expand their practices through the acquisition of existing dental offices. With more than 90 years of combined experience in dental management, as well as dental transitions and acquisitions, the Tralongo team assists clients by finding the practices that meet their criteria, performing the due diligence, obtaining the appropriate financing and, ultimately, acquiring the office. The firm also provides clients with behind-the-scenes management support, including finance, human resources, marketing and ongoing education. For more information on Tralongo LLC, call 855-339-3740 or visit