Tralongo Makes Acquiring and Selling Dental Practices Easy

National dental practice acquisition firm provides better solution for dentists than selling practices to private equity firms

SUNRISE, Fla. (Oct. 3., 2017)Tralongo LLC, a Florida-based firm specializing in dental practice acquisitions, offers dentists who become partners an easier option for acquiring and selling practices than going through a private equity firm, which is the norm today.

Typically, when dentists are ready to sell the practices they have acquired, they seek out a private equity firm as the buyer. This requires due diligence on the part of the dentist to find the right private equity firm. And, often, those firms require the dentist to remain practicing for two to three years after the sale to ensure a smooth transition.

Tralongo, however, not only helps their partners acquire multiple practices, but is also there when they are ready to sell – Tralongo will buy the practices from the dentist. During the time in between, Tralongo handles office operations, insurance, billing, accounting and myriad other duties that free up the dentist to manage and practice. The dentist’s confidence in their buyer, Tralongo, is already solidified.

“Tralongo has built a solution for what dentists need,” said David Lopez, entrepreneur and president of Tralongo. “When dentists are ready to sell, we will buy the practice instead of having to sell their company to a private equity firm or requiring them to work for us with an employment contract.”

To learn more about the advantages of becoming a Strategic Alliance Partner with Tralongo, view this brief video

About Tralongo, LLC
Headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, Tralongo LLC is a firm that partners with dentists throughout the United States to help them expand their practices through the acquisition of existing dental offices. With more than 90 years of combined experience in dental management, as well as dental transitions and acquisitions, the Tralongo team assists clients by finding the practices that meet their criteria, performing the due diligence, obtaining the appropriate financing and, ultimately, acquiring the office. The firm also provides clients with behind-the-scenes operational, management and administrative support, including finance, human resources, marketing and ongoing education. For more information on Tralongo LLC, call 855-339-3740 or visit