Tips on how to collect payments more efficiently

Every dental practice knows how stressful it is chasing patients down for payments. Some can take weeks if you are lucky, some can even take months – but when that happens often that is just a sign that your practice might need to implement new methods.

When something like this happens, it is an indication that something is not working right – and looking closely you might find more than one issue that needs to be dealt with. However, it is very easy to switch things up in your office to have more efficient methods to collect revenue.

This blog will go over a few tips and ideas your practice can implement to have processes that will help you collect payments from patients.

  1. Don’t wait to send an invoice – Sending the invoice right away gives an urgency to the patient to pay their bill. However, the longer you wait – some practices wait till the end of the month – patient’s might not feel obliged to pay this. Make it a habit for you and your office to send the invoice right away, making this a priority as patients would wait and hold off pay if they don’t feel the urgency.
  2. Send reminders & Follow up – On average it will take about 3 attempts or 3 invoices in order to get some sort of payment. That is why it is very important to stay on top of every case, don’t remind them after the payment is already past due, send reminders before the payment is due and follow up after they are done.
  3. Always be nice – Always be nice! Even on paper – “Please” and “Thank you” go a VERY long way. Never be rude to your Add headingpatients if you are contacting to remind them about a payment, be understanding and realize that although it might take some of your time, each patient has a different situation and you have to try to be empathetic. Pay rate can increase over 5-7% when all communications are kind and positive. A friendly attitude will go a long way with making your patients be comfortable and want to pay you.
  4. Remember – people need reminding! Sometimes, genuinely, patients just forget to make a payment until they are reminded. So text them, call them or send friendly reminders in order to increase your pay rates. Always be kind and always have a positive attitude when speaking to your patients. You don’t want to scare them off or harass them with payment notices.

These are only a few tips to follow in order to collect revenue faster and not having to wait around for unpaid invoices.

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