Increasing Online Exposure and How It Can Help Your Practice

Studies have shown that most internet users spend most of their time engaged in social media. Whether it is checking Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, people are spending about 86% of their Internet time interacting on social media.

That is why it is very important to have a strong online presence and be aware of the platforms that are available for you to use and target the right audience and increase brand awareness. Training your staff to manage social media can be very beneficial to your practice. We have a few tips to help you increase your exposure online and help your practice grow.

1. Increase Online Exposure by using more Social Media Platforms – Most people have their preferred social media site, whether it is Facebook or Twitter, you have to know that you can take advantage of all the other social media sites and use as many as you can manage to increase your reach and exposure. Also be aware that you can target different audiences with each site, for example, if you want to target professionals and more corporate users, LinkedIn is the best option. Don’t limit yourself to only a few sites, the more you use the more exposure you will have. Make sure you are familiar with hashtags and boosting posts to reach more people. Google+ although not a lot of people are familiar with it, is great for getting online reviews that can help you place  higher on search engines and more people can see the reviews which can in turn earn you new clients. Make yourself familiar with sites such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and don’t be afraid to explore these sites and use them to benefit your practice.

2. Posting Interesting and High Quality Material – Most people don’t want to follow accounts that post very technical or complicated material, make sure you are posting images or videos that can get people engaged on your content and share their thoughts with you. Be original and create content that is appealing to your followers. Don’t post the same content in all your site, tailor your posts depending on which site you are posting on. For example, a link to a blog post can get more engagement on LinkedIn and Facebook that it would on Instagram. Twitter will respond better to images and interesting posts on trending topics.

3. Don’t Sell Your Stuff, Instead Tell us a Story – People get very annoyed with businesses that often try to sell their products or services. Although social media is a great marketing tool, it can be a bit too much for followers to see your marketing efforts all the time, they lose interest. Instead tell a story! People love to read interesting stories that can make them feel emotionally related to them or articles they can learn something from.  For example, if you are promoting your dental practice, instead of advertising your practice and what you do, tell a story about how one of your patient’s life changed after having corrective surgery, or maybe post content that can be interesting to your followers such as the use of new 3D Technology in Dentistry etc.

4. Use videos, graphics and images – Sometimes an image can have a bigger impact, engagement and views than a text. This is because most people are very visual and respond better to these types of posts. Again, don’t be too serious, instead be creative! If you want to promote your business in a fun way, create a video that is engaging and appealing for viewers to click on and watch, it will have a better reception than a post that explains what your business is about. Don’t be afraid to use photos and graphics in your posts.

5. Focus on Mobile Marketing – Make sure your website is optimized for mobile use, more and more people have now switched to mobile web surfing and believe it or not, there are still some companies that have not made their sites mobile friendly and it is very difficult to visit a page that is not optimized for use on a mobile device. More people are choosing their mobiles to do their shopping and searching for businesses, that is why it is very important to target mobile users to make their searches easier. For example, create an easy way for mobile users to book an appoitment at your dental practice, or have a link on your site where you can click and it will automatically ring your office.

6. Engage with Your Audience – If you are getting views and comments on your posts, engage with your audience – always respond to messages, give feedback, thank them for following you or encourage them to leave feedback on your site. It is not only very professional for example to thank someone after they have left a positive comment or feedback, but also it allows you to engage with your followers and acknowledge them.

Following these tips will allow you to increase your exposure online, remember to post often and always engage with your audience.

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