We Just Want You To Be A Dentist!

Here at Tralongo, we deal with dentists all the time, and we often hear them say they just want to do what they love, and that is – being a dentist. Many dentists practice in various offices through the week, but some own their practice. Owning your practice comes with much more than just being […]

Ways to get your patients to leave reviews before they leave your office

We always hear our dentists saying they wish they could get more reviews without having to actively ask their patients. The reality is that if you don’t ask you don’t get! We understand it might be awkward for staff to actively ask their patients for review – but there are ways to ask for them […]

What to post on social media for Children’s Dental Health Month

Social Media is quickly becoming a very important marketing tool for business including dental practices. There are many ways your practice can include social media into your current marketing strategy which will allow you to engage and reach out to a very wide audience.