Are new patients the answer to growing your dental practice?

A dental practice main aim is to primarily market to new patients and reach as many potential patients as possible. But what about your existing patients? Being able to retain patients is crucial for the success and growth of your practice as well. Research states that it is five times more expensive to get a new patient than retain one you already have. So what does this mean, should you focus on acquiring more clients or focus on existing customers?

The answer is there has to be a balance. A way your business can increase your retention rate is by focusing and paying equal attention to existing patients to continue doing business with you. While focusing at the same time on using the right tools to market to new clients.

The fact is that these tools might come to a higher cost, therefore, be smart about how you can utilize your existing customers to attract new ones.

The first way you can do this is by including testimonies and reviews from your existing clients on your web and mobile sites. Since you are offering a high quality service you want your clients to share their experience with potential customers. When people visit your site, reading reviews and testimonies will act as a hinder for conversion.

Sending a reminder or reaching out to your clients about a hygiene appointment or calling to offer new services are a great way you can do this. Through the use of social media you can reach out to potential customers while keeping your existing clients informed and updated. Another way to do this is by adopting more modern methods such as emailing newsletters, or sending updates and news through mobile texting (SMS). Adopting these methods will help you grow your business simultaneously as you can communicate with your clients through these different channels.

And lastly, make sure that your patients do not forget their annual check-up. Schedule their appointments after they leave their initial appointments and follow up with them by calling or even texting them to make sure they do not forget. These way you are thinking already on their next booking and through the channels mentioned above you can reach out to them for reminders.

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