The Importance of Following Up Leads in Your Practice

Many dental practices invest a lot of money on marketing and acquiring new leads. But new research by Forbes shows that about 70% of leads go unanswered and some don’t get a reply fast enough. New studies have shown that companies have been able to create new business models by responding immediately to leads.


As a dentist you have probably invested a lot in marketing and getting new leads, but the most important thing to address is what to do after you get those leads. It is very important to establish a system within your practice to have an effective lead response rate. On average only 27% of the leads are answered in a small business, this means you are missing out on plenty of opportunities and profit!

Many practices are loosing the leads they receive because they are not following up with them fast enough or at all! Make sure you train your front desk to follow up with email leads promptly, maybe the patient wasn’t ready to book their next appointment, but how about a month from today?

A way to quickly respond to a new lead is by having set out different responses for each type of lead, it can be a new customer, an existing one or an old one. Therefore, each lead should have a response at hand that can be quickly sent.

A very important question is why is response time so important? The answer something called “presence detection”, if you respond right away to an email lead you are most likely to catch them while they’re still at the computer are you have a greater chance to convert that lead. Following up immediately also makes sure you are still on their mind, the longer it takes, the cooler the lead gets.

It is not only a good sign when an email lead gets a quick response, it makes your company look good and it also serves as a way to show you care about your patients and show what kind of service you offer. If you care about responding promptly that means you really care about your customers.
Make your investment count and make sure you are following up leads promptly, you will definitely find you are scheduling more appointments and you are not wasting the opportunities from old patients and new potential ones.

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