What to post on social media for Children’s Dental Health Month

Social Media is quickly becoming a very important marketing tool for business including dental practices. There are many ways your practice can include social media into your current marketing strategy which will allow you to engage and reach out to a very wide audience. 

Many sites such as ADA (American Dental Association) has information about various public programs such as Children’s Dental Health Month which is in February, and how you can engage your audience using social media. Looking at such sites can give you an idea on what to post, when to post and what programs are currently running that month.

These campaigns help practices encourage their patients to learn, be informed and know more about dental health. Engaging with such programs can give your practice more visibility on social media, and it helps you engage with your patients. Printing posters, posting on social media, taking photos with patients are a great way to engage with this programs and include your audience.

As a practice encourage your staff to celebrate these programs, create fun campaigns and encourage your patients to participate by taking pictures, posting on social media (be aware of HIPAA laws and educate your staff about it).

To learn more about this months campaign please click HERE, to access ADA’s site.

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