Breakaway Practice’s De Novo Consulting Program Continues to Attract Dentists in May

Innovative Dental Startup Consulting Program Sees Enrollment Increase in the Middle of Q2

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (June 8, 2018) – Breakaway Practice De Novo Consulting, an innovative dental consulting program that helps dental practices grow and increase their level of profitability, added three new participants in May. The program provides dentists with the services they need to launch state-of-the-art startup practices while achieving cost efficiencies across the board.

Dentists enrolled in Breakaway Practice’s De Novo Consulting Program have the support of a team of industry experts who ensure each new practice is poised for profitability and continued growth. Participants take advantage of Breakaway Practice’s proven best practices and cost-saving measures, and ultimately save up to $200,000 through:

  • Smart design – The Breakaway Practice De Novo Consulting Program helps launch state-of-the-art practices with beautiful interiors and smart efficiencies
  • Lean cost structure – The program helps dentists save money, minimize waste and get the best prices
  • Comprehensive management – The Breakaway Practice De Novo Consulting Program provides hands-on support and training to help dentists get the most from their teams

Breakaway Practice’s de novo support provides dental practice startups what they need to create a profitable, marketable business from the very beginning, including demographic analysis, negotiations, architecture and design, construction management services, cabinetry, onsite staff training, and more. With a proven, cost-effective process in place, de novo support guides dentists through the startup process, helping them avoid countless common pitfalls and obstacles many startup practices face.

Breakaway Practice also offers optional monthly coaching and accountability to guide dentists through practice ownership as their startups mature. Dentists new to practice ownership benefit from the guidance and business acumen of Breakaway Practice, which has helped build more than 90 successful startup practices with a success rate of more than three times the national average.

“Our innovative program has carved out a niche within the dental industry, helping dentists reach their entrepreneurial goals by starting up a practice,” said Dr. Scott Leune, founder of Breakaway Practice. “Our proven practices help dentists minimize costs and maximize revenue streams, while freeing up their time to focus on quality patient care in their new practice.”

About Breakaway Practice

Breakaway Practice is a fast-growing, innovative dental company that helps dental practices grow and become more profitable. Through comprehensive seminars and services, Breakaway shares successful systems with dentists while offering support and guidance. These systems have resulted in rapid and predictable growth, taking dental practices to the next level of success. Breakaway Practice serves more than 500 dental practices across the United States and Canada, with more than 90 de novos and 1,200 dental professionals utilizing the company’s seminar events. For more information on Breakaway Practice, call 210-899-4500 or visit