Tips To Make Sure You Have an Optimized Dental Site

With Google’s latest update that has affected lower quality sites, it is important to keep an eye on your site and make sure it is properly functioning. The goal of a highly functioning site is to inform, attract and convert patients. This will not only help you grow your practice but also keep it running smoothly.

1. The reason why most dental practices build a dental site is to attract new patients. A quality site design will allow you to do this and increase the amount of new patients. First of all, page optimization is crucial. Not only do you need a mobile optimized site, but also have it optimized so it shows higher on the search engine ranks and searches. Content is very important. Make sure you have quality content and important information that benefits potential customers. For example, if you offer a specific treatment or free check ups make sure you dedicate a section of your site to those services so that when people search for those keywords your site ranks up higher on top for them to see. Make sure you stay on top with blogs, offers and finding new ways to engage with patients.

2. Make sure your site is running smoothly and easy to navigate. Websites have a lot of room to put important information about treatments and procedures. So have that information available that will benefit new and existing patients. For example, an existing patient already has a diagnosis and has been given the option to undergo a root canal operation. Make that information available, so they can visit the site and read all about the procedure so they know what to expect. Make sure the information is targeted to new and existing patients. Also, make sure you make the content easy to understand and show pictures of before an afters to motivate patients.

3. Many dental offices now opt to send emails after calling in for appointments. That is a great way to be proactive and have an efficient running practice. However, having those documents for your patients to download and can take the burden off the front desk. It is more convenient for your patient to be able to download a new patient form and health insurance forms directly from your website. They can download these forms ahead of time and take with them to their appointment. Once a visitor finds your page, you want to make it easy for them to get the answers without having to call your office. Making your site convenient for the user is a great way to become more effective.

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