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  • “Working with Tralongo has enabled me to own a practice, yet not have the management headaches of running a business. I actually enjoy being a dentist! I recently had my second child, and I didn’t have to worry about being out of the office for almost 10 weeks. I love that I have a great balance of work and family.”

    Dr. Sherry Padgett

  • “Tralongo has allowed me to focus on patient care instead of the day to day business side of dentistry. This has caused not only an increase in my personal production but plenty of time for my family as well.”

    Dr. Carye Riley

  • “I have been a Strategic Alliance Partner with Tralongo for over a year and I’ve had a great experience. I had one office when I first joined Tralongo and now I am working on closing my second office very soon! My practice revenue before was around $840k and now it is over $1M. They have been really helpful and have allowed me to accomplish my goals and grow into multiple practices, which is what I have been looking for.

    Dr. Dan Capponi

  • I joined Tralongo early in 2015, the leaders and founders are great people! I highly recommend this to any dentist that is looking into joining this company! We have increased our revenue over the last couple months by over $230k. I think that in dental school we are not trained enough on how to run a business, and thats the most important thing that I’ve taken from this experience. Learning how to be efficient and successful in any business is a skill you need, and Tralongo gives us that.

    Dr. Pauline Demetrakopulos

  • I have been with Tralongo since January of 2015 and since then I have made an acquisition of another practice. My office’s revenue was around $1.1M when I started and through almost the end of the first quarter of 2016 we are on pace to do $2M this year. It has been a great experience for me and I would recommend Tralongo.”

    Dr. Shawn Walls