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Dental Mergers & Acquisitions
Own Multiple Practices

Own Multiple Practices

Get Out Of The Chair

See How You Can Grow To Multiple Practices

How We Help


We help you find the practices that meet our criteria, complete the due diligence, obtain appropriate financing and acquire the practice.

Economies of Scale

Financially benefit from our buying power and save money on supplies and equipment.

Ongoing Assistance

Our team of experts will provide you step-by-step support from training to multiple practice acquisitions.


Our revenue and profits have increased each year over the last seven years.

Dr. Shaw

“They've been able to help me with everything from the initial evaluations to working with lenders.”

Dr. Sajid

“We were able to take an office that was going backwards for the past three to four years and we were able to turn it around in a year.”

Dr. Dan Capponi

“I’ve been with Tralongo for close to a year and recently closed on my second practice! Tralongo has allowed me to carry out more of my goals and grow to multiple practices.”

Dr. Tony Molina

“In just over a year, I have gone from 1 to 9 offices. This would not have been possible without all the background services and insight they offer.”


Exclusively developed as a resource for our strategic alliance partners. Search over 100,000 dental training items to grow your practice and align your team. Ranging from billing, HR, continuing education and more!


The industry leader in merger and acquisition support. If you are an entrepreneurial dentist who wants to flourish in a growing industry and acquire existing dental practices in your local market, then Tralongo LLC can help.

According to the US Department of Labor, the dental industry projects a 9% growth rate through 2016. We will train and assist you on our 12 Rules for acquiring the right dental practices, including the following:

  • improving your business skills
  • selecting the appropriate dental locations
  • acquiring the right, existing, dental locations
  • financing the purchases of these offices
  • negotiating the terms of the deal
  • improving the efficiencies in the office

The demand for dentists is increasing and according to the US Department of Labor, the dental industry projects a 9% growth rate through 2016.


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